Applicants and Employers? The labor market needs you.

HRS and 7 Days of Trust invites you Monday, 27 January 2014, starting at 6:00 p.m., to the book launch of “Applicants and Employers? The labor market needs you” written by human resources specialist and motivational speaker Mihai Silviu Botezatu.

The event will take place at the Romanian Cultural Institute, in the great hall (Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, Piaţa Victoriei, near the metro and Atena and Venezuela streets).

The book addresses employees, applicants, and universities. It’s objective is to stimulate cooperation between the three pillars to revitalize the labor market in Romania as well as other countries in Europe through clearly structured projects which are oriented towards increasing the number of employees, motivating the academic and business spheres, intelligent investments in professional training, cooperation between employers and vulnerable groups, and qualitatively increasing the level of practical interaction between applicants, employers, and universities.

At the launch, participants will be able to send their CV to outsourcing company HRS, which will be represented by a surprise guest.

Among the subjects that will be covered at the launch:

  1. As a student or an applicant you may not know which profession would most suit you or you change often between one decision and another and you feel the need of a guide.
  2. As an employer you often ask yourself how to recruit the best people, how to increase your income, and how to mobilize your current employees.
  3. Do universities need to get up-to-date? How should they collaborate with the labor market? What role do students and employees have in this regard?

The editorial project is financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

For more information, you can contact the HRS team:

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