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An inclusive society is a healthy environment where the potential of its members, especially those belonging to disadvantaged groups, is valorized, properly used and encouraged, by facilitating the access to all available resources, rights and services. HRS strategies focus on helping and counselling persons to become independent individuals, not dependent by others, through financial support and proactive involvement. The profit is continuously reinvested in social field, financing EU projects and the activity of “Access for All” NGO. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Employment EU Projects

5 years of experience at national and international level, HRS maintained one of the leading positions among Romanian specialized companies that manage and implement successful Human Resources projects co-financed by European Social Funds (HRDP).

Examples of projects we finalized as partner or beneficiary:


Entrepreneurial culture

Entrepreneurial culture – a chance for the development of the entrepreneurship spirit of the employees in the textile industry

The project was co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, “Invest in people”, priority axis 3 “Improvement of the adaptability of workers and companies”, Major Field of Intervention 3.1 “Promoting the entrepreneurial culture”, implemented between January 2011 and 31 December 2013.

Specific goals:

  • Developing the skills and perfecting the knowledge of approximately 1,000 people of the target group in: entrepreneurship (by designing, in a transnational partnership, if a complex course, at European level), management, economic policies, marketing etc.;
  • Training, with the help of the transnational partner 1, from the specialists of the S organization, 10 internationally certified entrepreneurship trainers;
  • Promoting the entrepreneurial culture and maintaining an innovative and competitive spirit by:
  • Organizing events (seminars and workshops) in order to spread “success stories” and best practices, as well as organizing 2 meetings with transnational investors in order to identify the most profitable business ideas, with the potential to be financially sustainable;
  • Efficiently spreading the information by permanently designing and updating the webpage of the project and best practice guide;
  • Promoting equal opportunity and increasing by 30% the number of female entrepreneurs, given that in this field they form the majority.

One of the main objectives of our organization is to establish the premises for the development of a society that will not bring into question aspects such as protection measures, support and opportunities generator initiatives as being exceptional situations, but as being part of everyday normality. HRS sustains a structure of social economy that promotes social inclusion of people with disabilities and supports the inclusion of those exposed to social exclusion.

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