First Working Days At The New Job? What Is To Be Done?

You have been recently hired so you will get new colleagues, responsibilities, rout, objectives, activities. You are a little bit nervous or insecure about what you have to do? If the answer is yes, then it is important for you to take into consideration the following suggestions:


Make a first effort and realize that it is normal to have a little fear at first, until you adjust.

After this first step, try to become familiar as soon as possible with the working tools – computer, printers, telephones, various programs and so on. Thus, you have the opportunity to establish the first interactions, to speak with your colleagues, to tell them what your role is (in case they have not been informed or they have forgotten – it may occur because of the heavy workloads).

Later, when you start working properly, do not hesitate to ask when you are facing problems. Even if you already asked several times, do it again until you do understand. There is nothing shameful in being determined and wishing to be properly informed. Moreover, asking, making inquiries whether everything is a proof of your professionalism. A professional will always ask for help.

In case you have doubts regarding your job description it is appropriate to clarify them with the manager of human resources department.

Try to respect the lunch breaks – it is important to be well fed, to release the tension and, besides getting relaxed you also have the opportunity to socialize with the colleagues during meals. Certainly there will be periods when you will not have time to eat but take good care of not making a habit out of it.

If, in the beginning (first weeks, months) you happen to do overtime like half an hour, an hour and so on don’t be mad. Use this time to better know the principles of the company, in order to learn how to be more efficient, how to use certain tools etc.

Meanwhile, if you have the initiative to take responsibilities of your own which you consider to be able to approach, talk to your coordinator. You will be appreciated as a daring, courageous, responsible person. It is recommended to have such initiatives after at least two or three months even more. In the beginning it is prior to accomplish your current objectives with the best possible accuracy.

Regarding the way you write the messages, you must pay attention to the first e-mails that you send in order to achieve a communication style agreed by the company. Do not worry, it’s not very difficult, it is a matter strictly related to attention and exercise. You will also have to follow the format of transmitting the document or of different communications that you will make eventually.

No doubt, there are certainly other options that help you to adjust fast and without trouble to your first or new job. It is important to make the first steps and then you will meet everything you need in order to develop yourself properly.

Good luck on the new job!

Mihai Silviu Botezatu
Staffing Manager
HRS Outsourcing

12 of February, 2016

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