How Do I Describe My Career Objective In My Resume?

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What objective should I write in my resume? How should I structure it?  The employer is interest in which part of my resume?

Have you asked or do you ask yourself such questions? Here are some hints for you:

It is preferable to describe concretely your objective (don’t think only about human development or sociability).

Example (1): I wish to continue my career in the Acquisitions Field,  having a full time job.

Example (2): I wish a part time job.

How it is not recommended to describe your objective?

Example (1): I wish to have a well rated job in a large company.

The point of it? Well rated doesn’t say anything… well rated from what point of view? Moreover, a large company can be even a small one… depending on the turnover, its subsidiaries, number of customers and so on.

Example (2):  I wish to evolve professionally, working for a company that makes the most out of my abilities.

The point of it? This objective highlights that the candidate has many demands… to evolve professionally and that the employer should make most out of his/her abilities….  But what does the candidate offer instead?

Correct is: I wish to evolve professionally within a company where I can team up with other people in order for us to achieve various objectives.

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Silviu Botezatu – Staffing Manager, People Solutions / HRS Outsourcing