HRS Outsourcing – Certified for success

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HRS is a market leading provider of outsourcing, project counselling and human resources solutions at European standards. We take opportunities, dare impediments and transform them into customized projects that lead to success.

We target high quality standards, therefore HRS Outsourcing is fully authorized and certified by Romanian authorities:

1. Quality Management ISO 9001 : 2008

  • Workforce management and supply services
  • Professional evaluation and  training
  • Personal development
  • Translation and interpreting
  • European Funds project management and consultancy
  • Corporate events management

2. ANC: Labour mediation on domestic market

3. ANC: Counseling and information

4. CNFPA: Social and civic competencies

5. Temporary placement and outplacement Agent

6. Authorized operator of personal data

7. Social economy structure