Positive Thinking on the Path to Identifying the Desired Job

It sometimes happens that when we are looking for a job we have certain fears regarding our goal: Will I do well in the interview? How do I need to act? More often, our failings from previous times of difficulty seem to come back into our remembrance with an intensity that cannot be controlled. That being said, as in any situation there are appropriate solutions, in this case it is recommended to make use of positive thinking. What does this mean? No, it doesn’t refer only to the fact that we need to be optimists, but also to the actions that we can perform.

shutterstock_128710298We can, for example, motivate ourselves by thinking that times of difficulty represent a training meant to show us that in fact the true competition is with ourselves and not with the interviewer. How can we begin to think positively? In the first place, we must organize ourselves. Even if we are discouraged we need to make an effort to make sure that our CV corresponds to our highest expectations. Sometimes, when we send out our CV, we know that we could have structured it better but we didn’t because we felt that we would have lost too much time. That being said, if we are to think logically, we lose more time if our application is not taken into consideration or doesn’t pass the first evaluation because of certain errors (typing, expressing, stating the objective well, etc.).

We shouldn’t rush just because we are at the limit of our possibilities, but we should act quickly. There is a difference because after we have prepared our corresponding CV, have structured the information that we have obtained about the company by which we wish to be hired, and have procured the necessary materials, all we have to do is to quickly send our application and to begin to present ourselves to the interviewers with belief in ourselves. If we send our application without being appropriately prepared, then no matter how many applications we submit, we still won’t have any success. Even if we still make errors in the course of the interview, we have no need to fear but, on the contrary, it is important to try to bring our goal to a good conclusion which may be: transmitting a concrete example about a professional achievement, creating a message, presenting a situation, participating in a role-play, and so forth.

Further, positive thinking can be noticed by the interviewer as well—even if we feel that we have made certain errors, through the simple fact that we strive to offer exact information and that we have energy and ambition to achieve our goal represents a positive that our interviewer will notice.