Professionally confused? Where Am I Going?


Professionally confused? Where Am I Going?

Has it ever happened to you to miss the train and thus being very hard for you to reorganize everything? Are you often so bored that you sometimes walk from left to right in your room trying to find some activity? You party too much? The college, the current job, your friends, the professional training sessions that you are continuously attending do not seem to be the real professional support in your life? Moreover, you’re working with people that are wasting your time, who get anxious for every project, people who maybe not be your age and do you feel that your place isn’t there and that your youth and your professional perspective suffer because of it?  It is possible, of course. But it is also possible to get out from this situation.

To be professionally confused is an easily neglectable period precisely because the necessary attention has not been given to it from the beginning of its appearance. There are many excuses that urge you to hang around and to not establish goals, or ideas, excuses such as “I’m too young, life is short, I’ll see later what I’ll do”, “wages are low, I won’t get employed, maybe I build a business with my dad”, “I am still at college so no stress”, “anyway I won’t make the money I dream about”, “fellows count most in life, maybe I’ll find a job of 4-5 hours a day, but my fellows are the most precious so work is for fools”, “taxes are too high, how should I begin a business, it is impossible”.

Can you make the difference between being a non-stop playful child and a playful but responsible child? Try to think about it! 

Fellows” are important all right but if they are real “fellows” they understand that they have to give you freedom to become strong through your own independence and not only through the power of the group, the power of “brotherhood”. Learn to take responsibilities and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Did you know thatyour timeis in a disadvantage? More precisely, your time is in a disadvantage every time you say that you cannot do it now, neither can you do it now, nor now but you can go to every wedding, every baptizing, every party, birthday, etc. You are so focused on what others do and on how to become integrated into groups that you don’t even like but where you think that you have to be in order to not be alone, embarrassed, risking to be anonymous, that you think it is OK to function as a phone, as a laptop, as a Smartphone namely to be scheduled by others, to play within other’s world and not in your own.

The right moment? It may appear or not. The right college? Ooo, the recommendation is not the best, it is not what you expected, a part-time job is not cool, you do not tolerate jokes etc. What to do?

Hint: Don’t let the “ball” coming towards you hit you or do not accept each “toss” only for the sake of it or only because you had no other choice, play with the ball if it still comes towards you, toss it wherever you want even if you take your chances, search for the toss you really want to get or give.

You will face many realities, that are not convenient or suitable for you. Will you accept them as they come? Or will you try to adjust them? Stop considering reality as being something unchangeable.  

Now, Which way? Where do you go? Or where do you stay?

In order to be able to get out easier of this professional confusion try to observe and put down the activities that you like very much to perform and then think about those professions which would clearly meet your hobbies. Example: you like very much to invite your friends to different events in the city.  Why don’t you try a career in organizing events? You are talking non-stop about cars, then why don’t you attend an internship within a car representation?    

The confusion you are being caught in may signal a better career orientation. Have you ever thought that the professional confusion might be a guiding mark? For example what do you do if you get lost? You stop and ask somebody, you ask a taxi driver, you call somebody, you find your way …


  1. See which actions you can start with what you have. You don’t have money but you may have something else. Computer, access to Internet, a place to stay. For example until you raise money in order to go to the gym why don’t you do pushups, squats in the jump, crunches, rope jumping, stretching etc. at your home? Ah … yes, home is not like the gym, I forgot. Another excuse? Now for example, what stops you from going to jog? It’s raining. So what? Do not postpone it. It’s crowded in the park. So what? Do not delay! It’s late. So what? Do not postpone!
  2. Find out which the so-called drink and sleep friends are, and those together with whom you can build something, those who listen to your concerns and do not get bored when you tell them about your professional plans for example. Consumption friends will exist anytime and anywhere. They are an inexhaustible source. But maintain a balance between consumption and your career plans.
  3. The easiest choice is sometimes the most difficult and the most difficult is often the easiest one. Don’t worry, if you decide to leave your own comfort you will understand this view.

I could go on with examples, similarities, and advice. But you have enough of them. Stop complaining and try to become friends with your time. If you always say that you don’t have enough time, why should the time have time for you? 

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Mihai Silviu Botezatu, Staffing Manager