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Rely on us for professional consultancy at the highest standards with European projects, community development projects, startups, expanding to new markets and any project you might want to fulfill. Our expertise covers the entire program, from initial proposal and funding to legal support, project management and reporting. You dream it, we make it happen!


t experience at national and international level, HRS is a versatile consultant in accessing and implementing European programs, offering a wide range of premium solutions aimed to optimize project management activities by outsourcing, procurement, treasury, target group identification, counseling, mediation on the labor market.

By using specialized resources, we are able to provide, to companies or NGOs, EU tailored support for successful projects financed or co-financed through European Social Fund, comprehensively covering all needs.

We simplify your tasks and deadlines, meeting all EU requirements, by providing complete overview, reporting, dissemination and evaluation tools:

  • Counseling for proper programs suitable to your organization, objectives and domain of activity;
  • Permanent monitoring of financing opportunities;
  • Assistance, guidance and fulfillment of all documents for a successful proposal;
  • Expert assistance in fulfillment, management and implementation of EU projects;
  • Assistance in acquisition process;
  • Administrative operations for accurate implementation and coordination during project development;
  • Mediation in relation with all authorities in respect of EU funds management;
  • Periodic reporting over legislative changes;
  • Constant guidance for future opportunities.


For clients whose financial availability is limited, we have the resources to start-up and develop EU projects, putting at your disposal a system of short-term lending. The allocation of resources is approved upon the evaluation of opportunities offered by the project. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EU Funds

Partnership for employment

Partnership for employment in the Bucharest-Ilfov, North-East and South-East regions

HRS joined Motivation Romania Foundation, along with their partners Goals UK CIC, Special Olympics Foundation of Romania,  Judicial Agency for Ilfov Workforce Employment, Judicial Agency for German Workforce Employment, Judicial Agency for Constanta Workforce Employment for the successful implementation of a new social initiative –  the project PARTNERS FOR EMPLOYMENT in the Bucharest-Ilfov, North-East, and South-East regions. The project will have a duration of 18 months, more precisely between 31.03.2014 and 29.09.2015

General objective of the project:

  • to facilitate the integration into the workforce of inactive persons, persons currently seeking a job, the unemployed, as well as persons who dropped out of school from the regions mentioned above.
  • Specifically, the project intends to increase the capacity for employment of 600 people from the Bucharest-Ilfov, North-East, and South-East regions who are seeking a job. Additionally, it intends to attract to the labor market 114 people through mediatory activities (such as job fairs and Job Clubs). And through direct seeking, at least 90 among these will gain jobs, while 24 will initiate independent activities.
  • The target group will benefit from occupation services offered by public and private providers which will work in partnership, an approach that will work as a corrective measure to reduce unemployment, including long-term unemployment.


The benefits for the people who are seeking a job include strengthening personal and professional abilities (they will be better prepared to access jobs), development of the ability to identify a potential job (they will identify their own employment opportunities), they will increase competitiveness in the labor market (they will be capable of better responding to the requests of employers and coping with competition), and higher occupation (they will find a job or will launch a business).


We consider the public-private partnerships an effective way to improve society, therefore we constantly promote the economic model of social economy and by our expertise we are able to assist any company that would like to benefit of EU funds. Depending on the type of project, we can offer our consultancy support or become your full partner. Contact us and we will offer you the best solutions!

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