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Performance & Training

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HR audit tailored to enhance employees’ performance and competitiveness of your business.

Our HR insight tools are the perfect means of assessing your team and to compare your current strategy to other organizations. By using modern and pragmatic techniques, companies have the chance to discover the tools to consolidate market position through great talent management on all hierarchy levels, from top management to workers and vice versa.

Deep assessment leads to income increase and more functional teams.

HRS strategy is built on understanding key features of the company: culture, values, missions, objectives, needs, market structure and positioning.

Results of such screening come to support the main analyze over people and the process of identifying best tactics to harmonize each individual to other and to the organizational culture.

HR audit objectives:

  • Assessment of employees (individual or group evaluation)
  • Progress evolution and prediction over future performance
  • Performance evaluation for middle to top management
  • Determine personalized coaching programs
  • Provide individual or group counseling for a coherent and accurate integrated talent management.

HR audit solutions:

  • Design your organization using the art of balancing subjective features, as individual personality, with pragmatic aspects that are tighten to business environment and evolution
  • Guidance for applying best practices in regard of achieving high performance
  • Place the right people in the right position
  • Correctly configure mission charts and targets
  • Identify the proper scale of teams/departments and individual work load
  • Identify key positions that are mandatory for enhanced performance
  • Identify critical roles
  • Make an inventory of skills and knowledge for an efficient resources usage
  • Implement correct coordination between departments and management levels
  • Correctly evaluate and conduct succession strategy when new team members take over various positions or responsibilities
  • Settle team development schedule and empowerment planning
  • Configure or adjust your talent programs to actual market dynamics and people inherent performance
  • Find opportunities to strengthen people commitment and engagement.

Staffing Assessment Instruments:

We provide customized strategies that incorporate calibrated instruments for each company, focusing on the following:

  • Qualifications screening
  • Structured interviews
  • Job simulation and role play
  • Knowledge and skills testing
  • Talent measurements
  • Culture fit and values assimilation
  • Background investigations
  • Integrity tests
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Other customized instruments upon client’s request or objectives, but with certainty that all tools are effective and support high performance decisions.



Keep the pace with market trends by using modern and efficient techniques. Relay on HRS expertise and build up an organizational culture that will be naturally assimilated by each employee. Secure your company performance through correct staffing management.

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