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We bring people and ideas together, breaking linguistic and cultural barriers, building up conceptual bridges. Relay on a European 3C Strategy for your business to succeed and become more approachable to internal or external environment.



HRS 3C’s (Cross – Cultural Communication) portfolio includes: certified linguistic trainings, on-site interpreting services, telephonic interpreting services, documents translations plus integrated services.

Our goal is to help individuals understand each other by bridging cultural and communication gaps. Effective communication is more than words, no matter if it is about inter-personal or business relations. HRS team of trainers, translators and interpreters is well trained and highly skilled to communicate not just the words, but also cultural nuances, traditions and customs, in order to ensure that the intended message is not “lost in translation”.

Moreover, we provide integrated services shaped on ethical approach with deep respect over personal privacy and individual needs. Professional partners with wide experience at international level!


When you have a cross cultural language challenge, you now have the perfect solution. We have language professionals poised to help with. Just ask for our support!

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