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We bring out ideas that suit your company’s personality and reflect the particularity of your business.

HRS experts focus on clients’ needs and expectations. Creativity, professionalism, efficiency, strictness in meeting delivery deadlines required by our clients, all are perfectly balanced to guarantee success.


tps://”>HRS_outsourcingOur services are meant to ease your day to day activity, leaving you enough time and resources to concentrate on your clients and business activity. HRS portfolio covers various domains in which we proved our competencies. Moreover, we have the means to provide most of the services that your company need in order to face market challenges and speed-up reaching success.

Personalized solutions for successful projects, innovative resources and efficient coordination are just part of the instruments that we use and through which we convert our international experience in added value for your company.



  •  Events Management
  • Design & DTP
  • Commercial development
  • Promotional items
  • Any other opportunities for your business may be successfully outsourced to HRS team.


Home Services

Proximity professional services

Your free time is so valuable and we have the solutions to solve any problem related to your home.


Correct prices. Accessible. Seriousness. Permanent care.

Residential maintenance

  • Cooking, washing, housekeeping
  • General cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning

Education & Personal Development

  • Babysitter
  • Care and assistance for elderly persons

Gardening & Landscaping

  • Design and maintenance of green spaces, installing irrigation systems, hedge trimmer, lawn work

Repairs and renovations

  • Plumbing works, gas and air-conditioning installations

Healthcare & Nutrition

  • Medical care
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Psychological counseling


Your home ambiance fulfills a successful working day. We hold the resources that can take care of your house and family until your arrival. We invite you for a meeting in order to identify your household needs.

Join an open world full of challenging opportunities!