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Employees’ training and development are the keys to exceeding targets in a dynamic business environment. Economic and political changes force companies to continuously improve skills and qualification of personnel. For these situations, HRS Training has developed effective learning programs that provide exquisite practice experiences with participants’ full engagement.

Training strengths:

  • Certified courses are suitable for small to large groups, content being easily adjustable from one day training to extended duration.
  • Over 700 authorized trainers available across Romania;
  • Relevancy and focus on key issues;
  • Proactive approach and high professionalism in reaching needs and expectations;
  • Versatility in adjusting training schemes to participants’ level of knowledge and assimilation degree. We speak on your language!
  • Theory is perfectly combined with real work situations. Therefore trainees can immediately apply what they have learned, speeding up performance.
  • Well-structured information with accessible presentations and explanations;
  • Ability to provide specific, concise and on-subject answers to all inquiries;
  • For long term trainings, we ensure fluent correlation between chapters/sections.


From the understanding of your needs to a customized training program, the HRS team will be by your side along each step of the process to propose you tailor-made training programs.

HRS will first assist you in:

  • Identifying your employees training needs;
  • Involving employees in training decision;
  • Developing the training plan;
  • Assessing the training program;
  • Implementation of the training program,
  • Follow-up over the entire process.


HRS provides a wide range of training programs, using various methods under cognitive and behavioral approaches, such as: brainstorming, demonstrations, open discussions, games and situational role play, case studies and not only.

HRS training programs are divided into two categories:

  1. HRS soft-skills training programs:
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills


  1. HRS management training programs, declined on actual needs and expectations:
  • Team Management
  • Skills Management
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service Training. Vision, Energy & Passion to Serve.
  • Administrative Assistant Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Train the Trainer
  • New College Instructor Orientation
  • Change Matters
  • Setting Others For Success
  • Handling angry and difficult callers



Train the Trainer

Course objectives:

  •   Develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a trainer
  •   Learn, recognize, and utilize principles of adult learning.
  •   Identify and implement a variety of training methods.
  •   Recognize, create, and utilize a variety of learning materials.
  •   Develop skills in lesson planning and program development.
  •   Determine appropriate evaluation methods for training.
  •   Identify good time management skills when training.

Outline of topics

 Making the Transition to a Trainer  
  • Attitude, skills and Knowledge of a powerful trainer.
  • Roles & responsibilities of a new trainer.
  • Previous experience counts.
  • Exploring your teaching style.
  • Strategies for success.
Principles of Adult Learning
  • Qualities of adult learners.
  • Diverse learning styles.
  • Strategies for success.
  • Barriers & motivators to learning.

 Training Methods

  • Teaching methods.
  • Accelerated learning.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of teaching methods.
  • Assigning teaching methods.
  • Reducing repetition in training.

Learning Resources & Materials

  • Types and uses of learning materials.
  • Determine use of learning materials.
  • Create your own learning materials.
  • Choosing a textbook.

Lesson Planning & Development

  • How to define learning objectives.
  • Draft a course outline.
  • Write a lesson plan.
  • How lesson planning leads to course development.

Evaluating the Adult Learner

  • Adult learning & test anxiety.
  • Evaluation methods.
  • Evaluation considerations.
  • Providing feedback to the learner.

Presenting with impact

  • Personal Impact.
  • Building rapport with NLP – Neuro linguistic Programming.
  • Using visual aids.
  • The top ten expectations of your audience.

Managing your Time as a Trainer

  • Making time to plan.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Taking work home.
  • Conclusion.


We consider that each employee learns from his/her experience. Therefore our training programs aim to go further and bring the participants to a higher level of knowledge by studying best practices and implementing them into their daily work. Thus, we offer you reliable solutions to ensure that your organization’s income rises faster than your workforce costs.

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